As I told you previously, we actually live in Savoie where we still have a job, so not very easy to follow the remote work and do the renovation work by ourselves.

But we dedicate almost all our holidays for this project.

In January 2016, the masonry company is the first to start (company Martin in Vagnas that I do recommend).
We need to dismantle the whole roof and the floor of the first floor: a blow for us.

It’s a great laugh !! and it is like the construction site of the century 😉

Then, they will build a new slab then a roof:


At the same time, we came to demolish:










Then, it is the turn of the frontage to be renewed:










We are ripping out the frontage, we make relive buried stones under thick layers of primer, we think, we draw:


Frontage, Velux window, sanitary facilities, showers, bathtubs, doors, windows, cupboards, shutters, electricity, plumbing and tiles, the craftspersons continue to get things done:


October 2016, we have just spent our 3 weeks leave in Salavas.

As we cannot stay into the house, we go to a bungalow at the campsite Casque Roi of Salavas, that I do recommend; the owners are very nice.

The first week my daughter Julie and her boyfriend Johann came to lend a hand.

Serge and Johann are in charge of clearing the land, which is not an easy task.





















Of course it is still under construction but we can see more clearly ! In total we did 24 travels with a trailer full of branches and rubbish, more than 15 m3 of cut wood and stored.
At the same time, Julie and myself, we buckle down to the painting. Sanding of all beams and doors, then a layer of tint and finally 2 layers of stain.

We had to take several times some acrobatic positions on the scaffolding, on the ladder in
equilibrium above the emptiness of the stairs. We didn’t play the wise women !










It stands for 20 tubs of tint and 10 kg of stain only for doors and beams !

The second week, it’s Rémi my son who came to lend a hand, he had to alternate between Serge and myself. He came through woodcutter to painter, well in fact more sanding, painting is not his thing. Then he puts all furnitures of our small kitchen up. They are stored in another room while it is still under construction.

Finally, the third week, one friend Danielle came as backup, we could finish all woodwork paintings and most of the cleaning of the land.

I even made a resin wall in our shower.

Since end of October, craftspersons still continue to make progress.

Next step, I count on coming back on site beginning of December with Rémi to set up the kitchen, do the wall painting and more if possible !

We count on sleeping in the house, but for this the plumber needs to do the necessary so we can have access to the water and the heating. We are now on November 23rd and I am in suspense !

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