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Come to discover Salavas and the Ardèche

Our village : SALAVAS

Ideally located between the Pont d’Arc cavern, reproduction of the cave Chauvet classified in the Unesco World Heritage Sites (8 kms) and the Aven d’Orgnac (14kms), Salavas is separated from Vallon Pont D’arc thanks to a bridge with a central column from 1837 (year of the first construction of this bridge) located at 1,5 km approximately.

In the past, Salavas was located along the Roman road connecting Nîmes and Alba to the Rhône Valley, this road was made during the emperor Antonin Le Pieux time (144-145 after Jesus Christ).

In all probability, his castle dates back to XII century. You will also discover the vestiges of the churches Gleizasse full of history. The tower of the mill, fortification of 21 meters high, dates back to VIII century. It serves as a garrison for soldiers, then as a mill and as an electric fabric. It was there during Louis XIII, Richelieu and the Duc Henri de Rohan.

This village full of 2000 years of history, will charm you and will make you discover what I have just touched on through the several walks suggested.

Salavas is also ten minutes walking from the bed and breakfast house, one grocery, one tobacconist and press point of sale, one bakery, one pizza restaurant, one bar, one petrol station with garage, one restaurant, several campsites and canoe-kayak renting companies.

Chambre d hôtes en ardeche à Salava


Culture & Heritage

Concerning the heritage and the culture, there are 20 characteristic villages to visit, their authenticity and the architectural wealth will surprise you. There are also a great number of caves, castles, archeologic areas and museums…

Pont d’arc Cavern : 04 75 94 39 40 /
Daudet provencal farmhouse in St-Alban-Auriolles : 04 75 39 65 07 /
Museum Magnanerie in Lagorce : 04 75 88 01 27 /
Museum of lavender distillery in Saint-Remèze : 04 75 04 37 26 /
Ardèche Lamas in Saint-Remèze : 04 75 04 35 31 /
Castel of Roure à Labastide de Virac : 04 75 38 61 13 /
The Madeleine cave in Saint-Remèze : 04 75 04 22 20 /
Grand Site of l’Aven d’Orgnac cité de la préhistoire : 04 75 38 65 10 /
Site of the Aven cave forester in Orgnac-l’Aven : 04 75 38 63 08 /
Cave of St-Marcel-d’Ardèche : 04 75 04 38 07 /
Chestnut museum in Joyeuse : 04 75 39 90 66 /
Vogüé Castle: 04 75 37 01 95 /
Muséum of the Ardèche in Balazuc : 04 28 40 00 35 /

Chambre d hôtes Caverne Pont d'Arc Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes Grotte de la Madeleine à Saint-Remèze

Chambre d hôtes Cirque de Gens Ardeche

Radiant Nature

The countryside offers you all its splendor within the Ardèche and its 32 kms of caverns labelled as nature reserve, that you will be able to discover depending on your desire: with a car, a mountain bike, during a trek or on horseback or even with a canoë.

Nature reserve of the gorges of the Ardèche in Remèze
Parade of Ruoms
Resurgence of Font Vive in Grospierres
Rock of Sampzon
Pont d’Arc
Circus of Gens in Chauzon
Valley of l’Ibie in Lagorce
Dolmen of Calvaire in St-Alban-Auriolles
Wood de Païolive

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Sports Activities

If you are a sportsperson, you will be over the moon: canoe-kayak, canyoning, speleology, rock climbing, adventure park in the trees, mountain bike, bike, quad bike, paragliding, treks or horseback riding, swimming. I might have forgotten others but do not forget the idleness, very pleasant during the holidays !


  • Salavas : Canoë-Kayak-locacano sports : 04 75 88 04 36 /
  • Vallon Pont d’Arc : more than twenty renting companies at your disposal.


  • Vallon Pont d’Arc : Centrale location : 04 75 88 02 57
  • Via Ardèche : It is about 13kms converted between Vogue & Grospierres. This route will let the pedestrian, the runners, the cyclists, and rollerblades discover an impressive panorama. It also possible to join the Via Ardèche through the soft connection : Vallon-Ruoms.


  • Salavas : Ardèche balades : 06 24 63 02 75 /
  • St-Alban-Auriolles et Ruoms : Accompagnateurs
  • You can get several guides and routes at the tourism office of Vallon Pont d’Arc.



  • riding stable : Ranch le Gour d’Estelle in Salavas : 04 75 88 11 71. Other in St-Alban-Auriolles, Bidon and Grospierres.
  • small boat : descent of the gorges of the Ardèche in small boat in Vallon pont d’Arc : 06 82 36 49 24 / Batelier du Pont d’Arc : 04 75 88 06 38
  • excursions by minibus : Slice of France in Orgnac-l’Aven : 06 77 16 43 63 /
  • Water Parks in Lablachère and in Chauzon.
  • wildlife and theme parks : animal parks in Lussas ; Ardèche lamas , forest games and prehistoric zoo in St Remèze ; The Gopher’s vllage in Vallon Pont d’Arc ; Laby parc in Banne ; The crocodile farm in Pierrelatte ; Further north the safari of Peaugres
  • Treasure hunt in Vallon Pont d’Arc , St Alban-Auriolles , Vogüe , Ruoms and Ballazuc.
  • Recreational vehicle rental : Ardeuche in Vallon Pont d’Arc.
  • Paintball in Vallon Pont d’Arc and in Grospierre.
  • fishing
  • Hiking with donkeys in Vallon Pont d’Arc and in Chauzon.
  • Air Sports: Paragliding and ULM in Vallon Pont d’Arc , in Joannas and in Labeaume.
  • Motor sports in Grospierre and Lanas.
  • Stand up paddle in Vallon Pont d’Arc.
  • Trotinettes in Vallon Pont d’Arc.

Chambre d hôtes Canoe Kayak Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes balades trekking Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes balades trekking Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes sensations Ardèche

Chambre d hôtes parcs animaliers Ardèche

Chambre d hôtes Marchés Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes Glaciers Ardeche

Chambre d hôtes Caves Ardeche

Drink, eat and taste

You can revel in all the many markets to taste our regional products. A large number of cellars will also allow you to discover our local wines in an atmosphere always warm.

Markets around

  • Salavas : Sunday morning in season
  • Vallon Pont d’Arc : Thursday (2km)
  • Ruoms : Friday (6km)
  • Barjac : Friday (10km)
  • Rosières : Monday in season (14km)
  • Joyeuse : Wednesday (14km)
  • Largentière : Tuesday (18km)
  • Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche : Sunday and Wednesday in season (18km)
  • Saint-Paul-le-Jeune : Monday and Friday (19km)
  • Naves : Saturday (20km)

Specialties and curiosities

The Ardèchoises cellars