Before telling you the adventure I live since more than 2 years now, I want us to get to know each other.
As in a meeting, I start in a very common way: My name is Catherine, I am 53 years old…

I was born in Paris, only daughter, I grow up in a gentle suburb, loved but not spoiled rotten by amazing parents. I spent a lot of time cooking with my mum, she taught me to sew, to knit, everything that a mum share with her daughter.

What I love above all are these moments when I am with my dad, in his workshop, I watch him tinker with everything and anything, then he gives me a plank, a hammer, some nails and there I let my imagination goes to do as he does: to create everything and anything. These magical moments are engraved forever in my memory, it is the souvenir of my dad.

When I am twelve years old, first move, school change, friends change, habits change. Not easy but I get used to, and we are in a region where I can go skiing: Villard de Lans (38). A big passion that I discovered when I was 9 years old in a very small station Celliers (73), there was only one hotel andone ski trail, but a complicity and an extraordinary atmosphere invaded all guests during this holiday week of winter sports.

Until the year of the high school diploma, I live enjoying all that life can bring me. Fabulous moments with friends, parties, first love and above all skiing, skiing and skiing again…

As a result, I missed my high school diploma.

Then, we moved close to Lyon.

There, everything comes one after another: high school diploma, nursing school, meeting with the one who will become the father of my children, my 3 marvels. Three years of school to practice the job that let me bring to my patients the best of myself.

1985: wedding, at that time it was the best day of my life !

1987: birth of Rémi, I discover the pleasure of being a mum, it is magic, it is the best day of my life !

Then, two more marvels came to fulfill this happiness, Fanny in 1988 and last Julie in 1991. My children are my biggest richness, they are my driving force through them I fully accomplish myself.
Their happiness, their love of life is the thing that matters for me the most.

2004: Death of my dad, a flame wiped out in me.

Sometimes in a couple’s life, everything that seems to go on the same path, finally split up. We didn’t walk on the same direction, our passions were more and more different, slowly quarrels replace complicity and slowly the indifference replace love.

After 25 years of marriage, I decide to get divorced from the father of my children…

Respectively they were 22, 21 and 18 years old, they saw that the situation was becoming unbearable and they all were a great support for me during these difficult moments. I thing it was because of them that I stayed so much with their dad, but it is also thanks to them that I succeed in making a fresh start.

As I was getting ready to live my life of a divorced woman, an unexpected surprise, a great joy stepped into my life. His name is Serge: My Big Love.

We share the same passions for the mountains, the trekkings, go skiing, the nature, the simple things… We are always on the same wavelength, not one of quarrels came to break the spell. He is a calm man, serene, he never loses his temper, he is fascinating, he knows a lot of things on everything and he is also full of charm and humour. Net, the perfect man exists and I met him !

At that time, Serge aspired to have a calm and quite life, but it was without taking into account my thirst for life, my desires each one more crazy than the one before.

A commun love at first sight for a summer cottage in mountain pasture launches us for a first adventure, we decided it will become our cozy nest. We had to dream up and work during 2 years so our dream came true, to transform what was a heap of pranks ready to fall into a little marvel. Immersed out in the country, we find calm and serenity, we also love to meet our family or friends to share festive moments together.

Another great event, Fanny is building her own happiness with Thomas. They are wonderful and from their love is born my sweet Lily, my ray of sunshine. We know the joy of being grandparents. Even if we do not see her very often because of the distance, this lovely princess brings us all the happiness in the world.

In parallel, another idea came to my mind, since several years I was planning a career change, it is not because I didn’t like anymore my job but above all because I wanted to see new horizons, to live another experience and to invest all myself into a project. Serge who was about to be retired, immediately felt involved in this project which became our project. It was a solution to spend more time together and to continue living on the same path. The retirement is not an end, but the beginning of another life.

Slowly the idea of welcoming guests and to share with them good moment in surroundings that we would have chosen, thought, decorated together started to grow in our minds.

Always this desire to bring a bit of myself, to bring joy, well-being to others. But I do not want to face anymore the misfortune, the illness and the death in front of whom I feel the most powerless, maybe it is because of my age? I don’t know…

Here is some of the outlines of my life, I will not expand on it anymore, my ambition is not to write a novel, I would be incompetent, but to let you discover some characteristics of my personality and Serge’s one.

If you come to meet us in Ardèche, we will have the feeling that you know us a bit more…




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